A – B

DOMAIN NAME / DOMINIOMeaning and/or NotesGoDaddy AppraisalEstibot Appraisal
123CHACHACHA.COM1 2 3 cha cha cha => Name for dance studio, dance site$1,037
AAFU.COMAafu: four letter domain VVCV$2,411$ 1.3K
AAIA.NETAaia: four letter domain VVVV$1,925$270
AAWA.ORGAawa: four letter domain VVCV$1,472$220
ABMR.COMAfmb: four letter domain VCCC$4,109$ 1.3K
ABORTAR.COMAbortar: To abort in Spanish$3,378$ 2.8K
ABUELAS.COMAbuelas : Grandmothers in Spanish$5,035$28,000
ABUSAR.COMAbusar: To abuse in Spanish$1,381$ 2.5K
ACARICIAR.COMAcariciar: To caress in Spanish$1,788$ 1.7K
ACDU.COMAcdu: four letter domain VCCV$3,474$ 1.1K
ACIDOS.COMAcidos: Acids in Spanish$3,544$957
ACLG.COMAclg: four letter domain VCCC$3,179$661
ACMM.COMAcmm: four letter domain VCCC$6,433$2,600
ACROBACIA.COMAcrobacia: Acrobatics in Spanish$1,621$500
ACROBACIAS.COMAcrobacias: Stunts in Spanish$1,298$ 1.0K
ACROBATAS.COMAcrobatas: Acrobats in Spanish$1,547$ 1.0K
ACTIONDISCOUNT.COMAction Discount => Name for online store$1,490$741
ACTIONWINDOWS.COMAction Windows => Name for windows store$2,536$591
ACTIVECARB.COMActive Carb => Name for health, dietary store, blog$1,289$100
ACTUALIZAR.COMActualizar: To update in Spanish$3,040$ 3.2K
ACUSTIC.COM$3,563$ 13.6K
ADMIRAR.COMAdmirar: To Admire in Spanish$2,469$ 1.5K
ADMISION.COMAdmision: Admission in Spanish$4,299$840
ADNG.COMAdng: four letter domain VCCC$3,057$ 2.1K
ADOPTAR.COMAdoptar: To adopt in Spanish$2,661$1,100
ADVERBIO.COMAdverbio: Adverb in Spanish$1,625$555
AECB.COMAecb: four letter domain VVCC$3,202$ 5.9K
AEUU.COMAeuu four letter domain VVVV$1,120$ 1.5K
AFAU.COMAfau: four letter domain VCVV$2,994$ 1.4K
AFCAD.COM$1,467$ 1.4K
AFDI.COMAfdi: four letter domain VCCV$3,556$133,111
AFECTO.COMAfecto: Affection in Spanish$4,091$ 1.8K
AFEMINADO.COMAfeminado: Effeminate in Spanish$806$534
AFFREUX.COMAffreux: Awful in French$1,068$ 1.0K
AFFT.COMAfft: four letter domain VCCC$5,255$2,900
AFGL.COMAfgl: four letter domain VCCC$2,179$2,131
AFINAR.COMAfinar: To Fine Tune in English$1,911$ 1.7K
AFINIDAD.COMAffinidad: Affinity in English$2,194$ 1.2K
AFJR.COMAfgl: four letter domain VCCC$839$823
AFJU.COMAfju four letter domain VCCV$598$1,032
AFLI.COMAfli: four letter domain VCCV$4,702$1,300
AFMB.COMAfmb: four letter domain VCCC$3,763$4,105
AFMN.COMAfmn: four letter domain VCCC$1,719$703
AFMT.COMAfmt: four letter domain VCCC$4,524$1,062
AFNR.COMAfnr: four letter domain VCCC$2,167$ 1.1K
AFPB.COMAfpb: four letter domain VCCC$3,720$ 5.0K
AFRICANO.COMAfricano: African in Spanish$6,120$ 2.2K
AGBE.COMAgbg: four letter domain VCCC$5,971$1,565
AGEG.COMAgeg: four letter domain VCVC$3,358$1,970
AGENCIAESTADO.COMAgencia Estado: State Agency in Spanish$1,254$ 2.3K
AGFD.COMAgfd: four letter domain VCCC$2,549$ 1.6K
AGHM.COMAghm: four letter domain VCCC$2,513$767
AGRESION.COMAgresion: Aggression, Attack in Spanish$1,776$ 1.6K
AGROQUIMICOS.COMAgroquímicos: Agrochemicals in Spanish$2,159$1,823
ALARMER.COM$2,642$ 1.5K
ALCOHOLICO.COMAlcohólico: Alcoholic in Spanish$2,670$ 1.5K
ALFABETIZAR.COMAlfabetizar: Alphabetize in Spanish$1,175$ 2.9K
ALFILER.COMAlfiler: Pin in Spanish$1,619$ 1.5K
ALIVIAR.COMAliviar: Relieve in Spanish$2,391$ 4.4K
ALMORZAR.COMAlmorzar: To have lunch in Spanish$1,727$ 2.0K
ALUCINAR.COMAlucinar: Hallucinate in Spanish$1,290$ 1.8K
ALUMITEC.COM$2,655$ 1.1K
AMBICION.COMAmbición: Ambition in Spanish$2,460$ 7.5K
AMEBAS.COMAmebas: Amebas in Spanish$2,241$ 1.3K
AMONIO.COMAmonio: Ammonium in Spanish$1,283$ 1.5K
ANAA.ORGAnaa: four letter domain VCVV$825$406
ANFIBIO.COMAnfibio: Amphibian in Spanish$3,400$ 1.1K
ANGINE.COMAngine: Angina in French$2,960$1,203
ANTARTICO.COMAntartico: Antartic in Spanish$2,723$ 2.8K
ANTITESIS.COMAntitesis: Antithesis in Spanish$1,993$ 2.5K
ANTOJO.COMAntojo: Craving, whim in Spanish$5,118$640
ANTOJOS.COMAntojos: Cravings, whims in Spanish$5,467$2,988
ANTONIMOS.COMAntónimos: Antonyms in Spanish$2,037$1,832
ANZUELO.COMAnzuelo: Hook, fish hook, bait in Spanish$2,662$969
AOMN.COMAomn: four letter domain VVCC$3,949$598
APTITUD.COMAptitud: Fitness in English$2,540$6,982
ARCHIVAR.COMArchivar: To file in Spanish$3,018$1,673
ARITMETICA.COMAritmetica: Arithmetic in Spanish$2,891$4,545
ARRECHA.COMArrecha: Great, horny in Spanish$1,156$775
ARRECHO.COMArrecho: Great, horny in Spanish$1,361$ 1.5K
ARSENICO.COMArsėnico: Arsenic in Spanish$2,055$ 7.8K
ARTBULLETIN.COMArt Bulletin => Name for art magazine$2,443$721
ARTERITIS.COMArteritis: Arteritis in Spanish$1,471$ 3.3K
ASESINO.COMAsesino: Assassin in Spanish$2,621$ 25.1K
ASTILLA.COMAstilla: Splinter in Spanish$3,520$ 1.1K
ATACAR.COMAtacar: To attack in Spanish$2,243$851
ATEISMO.COMAteismo: Atheism in Spanish$2,035$ 4.1K
ATEO.COMAteo: four letter domain VCVV$8,960$23,000
AZUCAR.NETAzucar: Sugar in Spanish$1,543$710
AZUFRE.COMAzufre: Sulfur in Spanish$1,374$551
BAGINAS.COMBaginas: Mispelled vaginas in Spanish$1,215$ 1.6K
BALDOSAS.COMBaldosas: Tiles in Spanish$4,216$ 2.3K
BANCOCENTRAL.ORGBancocentral: Central Bank in Spanish$752
BARATIN.COMBaratin: Sales Pitch in French$2,860$2,213
BARNIZ.COMBarniz: Varnish in Spanish$2,216$ 1.7K
BARONESA.COMBaronesa: Baroness in Spanish$2,505$ 1.2K
BASURERO.COMBasurero: Garbage can in Spanish$1,318$ 2.0K
BAXA.NETBaxa: four letter domain CVCV$1,234$ 1.3K
BIBLIOGRAFIA.NETBibliographia: Bibliography in Spanish$115$ 2.1K
BIBLIOGRAFIAS.COMBibliographias: Bibliographies in Spanish$2,136$ 3.5K
BICHOS.COMBichos: Bugs in Spanish$6,341$542
BIZCOCHO.COMBizcocho: Biscuit in Spanish$4,186$2,131
BOICOT.COMBoicot: Boycott in Spanish$2,580$ 4.2K
BOLOGNIA.COM$1,813$ 3.6K
BOTTINE.COMBottine: Ankle boot in French$2,152$ 2.2K
BOUFFER.COMBouffer: Eat in French$2,316$670
BOXEAR.COMBoxear: To box in Spanish$2,749$560
BRDA.COM$7,536$ 5.5K
BRILLAR.COMBrillar: To shine in Spanish$8,350$ 2.2K
BUCEAR.COMBucear: To dive in Spanish$5,383$ 4.4K
BUENASO.COMBuenaso: Frequent typo of “buenazo”$1,469$558
BUENAZO.COMBuenazo: Really good in Spanish$1,691$913
BUFON.COMBufón: Joker, clown in Spanish$2,916$3,130